Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

[2021] Is the N-of-1 method applicable in bodywork research? Lessons learned using a trial as a methodological pilot

[2019] Safety and risks of shiatsu: Protocol for a systematic review

[2019] Effects of shiatsu on the health-related quality of life of a person with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: A mixed methods N-of-1 trial within a whole systems research case study


MSc Thesis

[2019] Effects of Shiatsu on the Health-Related Quality of Life of a Person with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: a Mixed Methods N-of-1 Trial within a Whole Systems Research Case Study


Other [not-peer-reviewed] Articles

[2020] Evidence-Based Medicine and Research for Shiatsu practitioners {published at the Shiatsu Society Journal}

[2020] Peer-reviewed studies related to shiatsu, 2019 publications: A narrative overview {for the Shiatsu Research Network}

[2019] Shiatsu, the evidence base: a critical review of a webinar {for the Shiatsu Research Network}

[2016] Towards professionalization: a proposal for discussion {for the Shiatsu Finland Association}

[2016] Building elementary statistics skills: preliminary studies towards an n-of-1 clinical trial {MSc assessment}

[2015] Interpersonal skills of a shiatsu practitioner in a home-visit setting: a service evaluation based on patients feedback {MSc assessment}

[2015] Contradictions between patients needs and healthcare policy: a case study of informal integration of oriental medicine in multiple sclerosis rehabilitation {MSc assessment}

[2014] Investigating the English-language published research evidence for oriental-medicine-based interventions in lower urinary tract neuro-urological disorders: a scoping review {MSc assessment}

[2014] Multiple sclerosis, qi jing ba mai and shiatsu: an introduction to an extraordinary condition {Postgraduate Well Mother shiatsu diploma graduation project}